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Blanc gives you everything you need to deliver loyalty and membership programs, to businesses, under your own brand

Membership and Loyalty Programs

Offer your business customers a Loyalty or Membership Program

With Whisqr; your organization can offer businesses either Loyalty Programs, featuring options for rewarding the widest range of profitable customer behaviours offer by any Customer Loyalty Program, or Membership Programs; with all of our Loyalty Program features integrated.

Bring your own Program to market, at a fraction of the time and expense

Branded and customized to provide businesses with a Program that you design

The Whisqr Customer Engagement Platform is highly configurable; providing your organization, your business clients, and their customers with the flexibility and options to maximize customer participation and profitability.

Business or Organization Based Branding

Branding Flexibility

Whisqr Loyalty and Membership Programs can carry the branding of your Program or of the Businesses that subscribe to your Program.

Businesses participating in Programs that carry your organization's branding enjoy the benefits associated with joining a community of businesses; such as customer referrals and reduced costs.

Businesses whose Program carries their own branding benefit from building loyalty directly and increased opportunities to reinforce brand association and message with their customers.

For All Customers

Whisqr lets customers use your Loyalty Program in the way that feels most comfortable to them

Maximize Participation

Some like the convenience of a mobile based solution. Others prefer the familiarity of printed cards. No problem.

Whisqr offers the best of both worlds with both mobile and multiple card offerings ranging from cardstock to plastic.

Billing and Banking

Collect subscriptions and fees, deposited directly into your business’s bank account.

Collecting membership fees is a snap with the Whisqr Membership Platform. As a Program provider you can collect payments from customers, deduct processing fees if you choose, and have the money deposited directly into your organization's and/or the business's account.

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